Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mass Effect 2 and 3 are getting 4K textures!

Mass Effect games have a huge fanbase and for a good reason, they offer one of the best stories in the world of gaming and a very smooth gameplay, the only issue is that they were released a while ago (2010 and 2012), and 4K gaming wasn't really a thing, and Mass Effect Andromeda wasn't as good as the other two.

Well,  today is the day you pay Shepard yet another visite because "CreeperLava" is bringing 4K textures to the game via mods. He mentioned that his mod will bring together textures from different modders.

A Lot Of Textures (ALOT) will include over 3000 textures in total, 1200 of those are for Mass Effect 2, while Mass Effect 3 will get 2200 updated textures.

The mods already have more than four thousand endorsements and almost ninety thousand unique downloads on Visite the mods pages for more info (ALOT for ME2, ALOT for ME3)

Also, check this video for a comparison between vanilla and modded textures

Some more screenshots:

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