Friday, December 1, 2017

Have a look at the new Total War game. ft Vikings!

On the 14th of November, Total War released a magnificent trailer for the upcoming game, so what do we know about it?

Title: Thrones of Britannia.
Type: Saga.
Release date: 2018 - Still to be announced.

  • First of all, is this the next Total War?
    • No, this is a sage, what's the difference you ask? Well, a saga won't cover a whole era like most of the Total War games, but instead they focus on a specific event in history, for this game, it's the aftermath of the invasion of Britain by the great heathen army, thus we won't have the whole world map to play but only the British Isles.
      The next Total War game is still in development.
  • What era will the game feature?

    • As you saw in the trailer, the game will take place in the British Isles between 878 AD and 1066 AD, right after the end of the British invasion, now the Vikings control a large portion of Britain, a treaty was signed but the British won't accept outsiders to control their land so It's up to you to carve the history of Britain after the bloody invasion.
  • Playable Factions:
    • Thrones of Britannia will feature ten playable factions that will be announced in the coming months.
  • Features:
    • Since this is a Saga the map will be small but more detailed than a standard Total War game, it will offer a more regional distinction.
    • The game will run on an enhanced Attila engine so it runs smoothly.
    • It will have its own look and feel in addition to some new mechanics.
  • Conclusion:
    • As a fan of the TV show Vikings, I am very excited for the game, It's true we won't get a "full" game but that's a risk I am willing to take in return for details and storytelling, especially when it comes to a very interesting era like this.
Well, that's all we know about the game, we are sorry about that but we will make sure to keep you updated when new information is released. Stay tuned.

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