Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Story Of Kirby's Name.

Today FormalGamers will bring you closer to our beloved gaming icon Kirby, by giving you the story of her name.

It all started with Universal hearing about Nintendo's game "Donkey Kong", they claimed that "Donkey Kong" is based on Universal's "King Kong" thus an infringement of Universal's rights. Universal didn't sue but instead threatened to do so and the two companies had many meetings about the case. 

Nintendo kept on fighting until Universal finally sued on June 29th, 1982, Nintendo hired an attorney called John to represent them in court and won the case by proving that "King Kong" was in public domain, using an old legal battle where Universal itself won to prove it.

John Kirby

To thank John Kirby, Nintendo named one of their characters after him, in addition to other gifts including a 30,000$ sailboat and copy
of  "Kirby's Dream Lands".

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