Tuesday, November 28, 2017

HUGE expansion coming to Civilization VI ! (with trailer)

Firaxis just announced the first-ever expansion of Civilization VI, and it's HUGE. The expansion will be called "Rise and Fall" and will be released on the 8th February 2018 with a 24.99$ price tag.

First of all, have a look at the gorgeous trailer :

Now let's see what the new DLC is bringing to the addictive turn-based strategy game that kept us awake for "one more turn" for more than 20 years!

  • New Civilizations and Leaders!
    • The expansion will interduce nine new leaders and eight new civilizations.
    • They also said that they will concentrate on more "diversity" upon leaders, so expect some female leaders.
    • There might be some reworks for the old leaders
    • The new leaders and Civs will be announced over the next weeks.

    • Historic Moments.
      •  These are basically a bunch of mini-achievements that will, later on, form a story for your empire, these achievements include things like founding a religion, training your unique unit, and building districts with hight adjacency bonuses. There are 100 more that you will discover on your journey.
    • Emergencies.
      • When a player gets a significant advantage in an area like converting a Holy City or using Nukes, an emergency situation will be triggered and the game will determine which players join the situation, these players, if they accept joining, will be given an objective against the emergency target, if accomplished the players will gain permanents benefits, otherwise the targeted player gets them.
    • Alliances have changed
      • To encourage players to band together and form alliances, the new expansion will give alliances types (Research, Military, Economic, Cultural, or Religious) and Levels, so now the longer the alliance is the more benefits the players get (according to the alliance type), players can only have alliance of each type at a time, but can change the type later on.
    • Governors 
      • You can now send a Governor to rule a certain city thus choosing a certain way to grow that city depending on the Governor itself, each one has its own "personality" and how he runs a city, some will focus on building wonders, others on trade routes...etc. These bad boys also have some strong bonuses to your cities! Players can earn up to 7 Governors in a game, each one has his own promotions skill tree.
    • City Loyalty
      • Your cities now have a loyalty system, the lower the loyalty the more chances the city will enter a rebellion and become a free city ready to be claimed by your enemies, this will add a new non-militaristic way of taking cities from other Civs. A city's loyalty is affected by other cities nearby, people might just get mad when they see how great your opponent's cities are and will want to join them!
    • Golden and Dark Ages
      • The last and biggest feature in the expansion, players now will face two big events that will have big changes to their empire for an era:
        • Golden Ages: Entering a golden age will boost your cities loyalty and will have other positive effects on your empire, but will make getting your next Golden Age harder.
        • Dark Ages: On the other hand we have Dark Ages that will lower your cities loyalty and make you vulnerable in general but will make earning Golden Ages easier, it also gives new special policies and the opportunity to enter a Heroic Age that they described as “triple” Golden Age.

    That was everything for the new features in this massive expansion and we can clearly see how it will change our strategies to build an empire to stand the test of time.

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